In A Few Words

AELIA is the sun's energy.

It is everything we have lived and everything we want you to experience.

AELIA is a place of memories, filled with feelings of love, friendship and unforgettable moments.

It is a place that has given birth to our deepest dreams and desires, to our long-lasting relationships and love stories, which may have changed and transformed over the course of time, but the fire which created everything is still burning strong.

It is from this fire that AELIA was created, as a place where a soul, fall in love with everything about it's surroundings.

A place where it shared its great passion for living.

AELIA is the urge to discover the true nature of ourselves, because only love, stands the test of time as it rises above fleeting vanity on our journey to eternity.

A magnificent journey through time.

AELIA came to life, to create ideal experiences, because beautiful moments last forever.